Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to Get Faux Hawk Haircuts

Select the thickness and width of your faux hawk so earlier. Although there are various ways to get a fake hawk hair style, the best way to determine the exact position among the lilies. 
  1. Wash your hair properly, perhaps more than once, you have a hair style that is very clean. Air-dried hair, comb the hair to get all the nodes, and use a comb to make hair 3 equal parts. 
  2. Tie the center with a rubber band (not a hair tie) and the separation of two other places. It's the middle of the thickness and width depends solely on you. 
  3. Perfect fake hawk hairstyle looks better with short hair, but you get the desired style with medium hair shoulder as well. If you have short hair fake eagle, then cut along the section. 
  4. Now, if you prefer, you can shave with the engine on both sides (this step is to short hair, not just a haircut more, work better for men). 
  5. For women, you can use some gel and easy and stylish behind the ear for all styles. Take Band and apply gel or foam to keep it in place. You can also make the top of the center can not be denied.

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