Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Faux Hawk Hairstyle For Women

Women cut their hair in various lengths and styles. So, faux hawk hairstyle for women requires a new level. Let's see how easy it is to get the desired look with new hairstyle faux hawk.
  1. Suppose that you have long hair (as in above the shoulders). And if you have short hair (shorter than shoulder length), then skip this section and go to the explanations given faux hawk false hair pieces for men. 
  2. Avoid washing your hair before you organize them. When the hair is soft, get the right style that will be difficult. 
  3. Take a styling gel in your palm and rub hands together. Apply the gel on both sides of your hair. This will help in maintaining a false eagle in place. With stand-up brush, hold 2/3 of your hair and make a tail. Secure with a band and leave the front hair like that. 
  4. Now make another tail just below the top of the other parts. Take a comb to tease the front section of hair above the level needed to create the fake Hawk haircut. Brush again teased hair and smoothed to make a small bubble at the top.  This will make the hair stand up and secure with a barrette. You will need a strong hairspray to the hair in place. Make sure the style is what you are looking for.

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