Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lady Gaga Tattoo Styles

If no one, until now there are about seven tattoos that adorn the body of Lady Gaga. And if you notice, all these tattoos only on the left of the bloody body of this Italian singer controversial. Coincidence? Apparently not. Lady Gaga had a reason why there is no tattoo on the right side of his body.

That said, as reported by Splash News, this is all done by the woman's real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is because of love for his father. According to Lady Gaga, the father had ordered that one side of his body clean of tattoos. "My father advised that one side of me was still normal. So I just got a tattoo on the left side," said Lady Gaga.

It seems that is the 'one side' actually literally. "He asked me to not get a tattoo on my right side. It seems he saw this side of Marilyn Monroe as the side of me," continued Lady Gaga. Besides advised that her daughter did not draw on his right side, the father seems Lady Gaga could also expect a normal dress, although this one seems to Lady Gaga can not comply.

The singer is on the rise, Lady Gaga, feel very honored for the actions of one fan's arm tattooed with the image itself. "I feel very flattered that a lifetime tattoo will not disappear," he said as quoted by Showbiz Spy. "I can imagine that not all pop music stars will find things like this."

Lady Gaga went on to explain about the tattoo he describes as a work of art. In the arms of fans, as described by this 23-year-old singer, there are pictures of her size and she was seen wearing clothing made of crystal. Tattoos are also considered a bit rock 'n' roll looks very complicated and detailed. But he did not explain in detail whether the tattoo is sized Lady Gaga whole body or only half the loss alone.

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