Friday, 6 January 2012

Johnny Depp Hairstyle Pictures

Johnny Depp (born in Owensboro, Kentucky, United States, June 9, 1963, age 48 years was born with the name of John Christopher Depp II) is an American actor ever nominated for an Academy Award. He is known for his clever play diverse characters with different properties. Johnny plays Willy Wonka, the chocolate company owner Charlie and The Chocolate Factory also stars Helena Bonham Carter. In 2004 Johnny was playing in the psychological thriller Secret Window which is an adaptation of the novel with the same title written by Stephen King.Sutradara Tim Burton for the third time invite him to play in Alice in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter. He also played a role as Jack Sparrow, the main character in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny's been having an affair with Hollywood actress who is a co-star in Edward's Scissorhand.Setelah their fractured relationship dating Johnny English supermodel Kate Moss, but this relationship did not survive. The last love relationship with singer Vanessa Paradis, and they have been blessed with two children without pernikahan.Sebelum live with Vanessa, Depp married Lori Anne Allison who works as a makeup artist. Households in this pair did not last long. Both were divorced after three years of marriage.

Johnny Depp lovers all over the earth's surface not only come from women, but also men. All skills, gestures and style that she carries a powerful magnet for this is that keeping him at the top ranks of qualified actors. If some of this month he wara-wiri with shoulder-length hair a messy, Hollywood and now he surprised fans with short-cropped hair and boyish.

Star of The Pirates Of The Caribbean never seems to make us worry about with all the changes in her appearance. He was born as someone who not only handsome and strong character, but also with anything decent style: long or short hair, clean face and whiskers, tuxedo t-shirt or a luxury home, sunglasses, black eyeliner, hats, scarves and many other experiments . This time, he decided to leave her long hair and still look "good" only.

Yesterday, a man 47 years was announced that he would soon appear in The Thin Man, a remake of the film the murder in 1934. He will play a guy named Nick Charles, a detective who has a beautiful wife and seductive. Apparently, the fact is what makes he ventured his favorite hair cut. But whatever the reason, Johnny still can not lose the aura of brilliance. Maybe he was too much to cut the top that makes the hair is much thinner, but it is not crucial. During his acting still he did not change the maximum and cheek bone and it looks tough, all eyes will be fixed on him.


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