Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Do not Regret First Tattoo Design

Angelina Jolie has a tattoo of a great amount of literature on his right forearm, reads: Bob Thornton (actor and former husband and Ms. Jolie). 50 Cent, rapper of the coolest, must remove his many tattoos designs (especially those in the arm) to not inhibit his own Hollywood career. Haydin Panettiere has a nice tattoo on her hip writing, reading: "Vivere senza rimipianti", which is Italian and means: to live without regret.

The problem is, his tattoos are not really studied Italian in school and "rimipianti" is misspelled words with no meaning at all. It's something like: "Life without regretis". Which is not a tragic mistake for a scholar, but can you imagine having it tattooed for 30 inches on your hips?

Am I trying to persuade you to get a tattoo? No, not at all. I've met quite a lot of people are really fascinated by body art, tattoo design and skin art in general, but at the same time very afraid to take risks, they never got one.

Angelina Jolie, H. Panettiere and 50 Cent is just an example of how bad tattoos come out if you do not follow a few, simple general rule that everyone should know and follow before getting inked.

The first rule - never, I mean NEVER get your partner's name tattooed on your skin. How many times this has been said and written? I think it's the most famous phrase after "small step for a man, a big step forward for humanity" ...

Even so, many people decide to get a tattoo as a symbol of their love. I am quite a romantic person, I like to think about eternal love forever, but being romantic does not mean we have to lie to myself and to be hypocritical. How many people do you know who have been together for over 20 years? I know very, very few of them. A tattoo lasts more than 20 years. It's just a matter of probability. Think before you ink.

Take Megan Fox for example. He has a tattoo on her pelvic area, it reads "Brian", the name of her current boyfriend, Brian Austin Green. The problem is they've split up several times over the last few years. Someone asked him what he would do with his tattoo should they leave each other once and for all. The answer is "I could have a son and name him Brian." Would not it be great to grow up and find out the name of your chosen tattoo just to justify your mother?

Second rule: if you get a tattoo inscriptions in foreign languages, realized what the strange words mean. Panettiere tattoo is just an example. Have you noticed how many people have got a Chinese tattoo designs? Do you really think people really know what the symbols mean? I had read once about a woman and her Chinese tattoo designs. He wanted a symbol for freedom, but he had to find out he got the symbol for "Free", as "free". In China, the two concepts have nothing to do with one another. But he asked for the symbol "Free" and that's what he got.

Third rule: Think about why you want a tattoo. Tattoo designs can be very interesting, they are just beautiful and it was nice to show them during the summer. But if that is what you get your tattoo, rather than considering having a tattoo design of a permanent rather than temporary. Temporary tattoo designs are as beautiful as the real thing. They just fade away after a while, so you can get a new one next summer. Permanent tattoos are for people, who really likes the body art. They want to show them off, but that's no reason why they get inked. Tattoos are representing a lifestyle. Think about it.

If you really want a tattoo but you do not have a clue about what kind of tattoo design you want, then you are on the wrong path. May design a temporary tattoo can help you make up your mind. Never surf through forums and Q & A site asking for ideas. You have your own reasons for getting a permanent tattoo design inked on your skin.

Fourth rule: Choose the correct Artist!

Do not be signed by a friend just because she's so fun to do it for free! Do not let the needle was amateurish 'touch your skin. Get a pro to do it and be sure to get information about her skills as a tattoo artist and the hygienic condition of the store.

Do not trust cheap tattoo artwork. Quality costs something.

Inform yourself about your favorite style of tattoo. Does not apply to the portrait of the artist special tribal tattoo designs.

Once you choose a tattoo artist and you've got a credible new artwork that draws you in your skin, be sure to follow the instructions on the healing period.

Fifth and Last Rule: Do not tattoo over the summer. Every new tattoo needs time to heal. Sweat can aggravate a new tattoo, and so does the sun and sea water. That's why the cold weather months are the best for your new tattoo healing process.

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