Thursday, 10 May 2012

Recreating the Hairstyle of the Past

Alumni reunions are a joy to organize and attend to – especially if the theme of your get together party is to appear at the venue looking like your favorite movie or on screen personality. Aside from getting to see buddies from the past, you also get to see some old photo albums and laugh at how your haircut used to look like. Though you enjoyed wearing that haircut, now that you are at an age, where maintaining a short, well groomed hair is a prerequisite for your work, you would probably miss how it felt cascading down and brushing your nape. Well, here s your chance!

The alumni reunion is the best place to be the person that you were, way back school days – or in your terms, way back mullet hairstyle days! Your batch mates would most probably be sporting the Elvis Presley look, or the Marilyn Monroe visage. You can imagine how many Elvis Presley will turn up at the party! The famous singer will be the most common person your batch mates will imitate so that there will be a small number of people to turn up in a complete attire to impersonate David Bowie – an advantage for you. By resorting to this style, you can better mimic his hairstyle and manner of dressing without the fear of getting compared to how others did. Expect that many of your school mates will go for the King of Rock and Roll ensemble. So to avoid getting laughed at because someone showed up with a better get up, be unique by choosing the other famous people to impersonate. But how will you go about it with the present condition of your hair?

There may be difficulties or signs of aging that you may be starting to experience, one which also involves the hair. And definitely, you will not be able to grow your hair as fast so that it would reach the necessary length for you to showcase the hairstyle you so desire. Furthermore, the outfits you used to wear would most likely won t fit anymore. Do not get frustrated yet, for there is a solution. You can still wear your favorite Rock Singer s get up by looking through the web for clothes that uniquely bespeaks of him. You can also opt to borrow something that has the same style. It is also quite impossible not to find something at home stashed away somewhere to accentuate or glamorize the costume. In addition, your problems related to your present hair condition can be taken care of by dropping by a shop to get your fit of the wide array of mullet wigs. These days, they come from all colors – blond, black, red and sometimes, even the bright and stunning colors!

For those who haven t heard about mullet hairstyle, especially the sons and daughters of the men and women of the mullet hairstyle generation – the mullet was once termed as Hun s haircut. Yes, the warrior who was also called the Scourge of the Romans for being fierce and barbaric. The haircut is short on the front, spiky on top, short at the sides, while the back is left longer and is usually curly. There are various styles but one thing remains, hair at the back should be long and maintained that way. You can either have it braided falling at each side of your shoulders or tied ponytail style. Some people who wore such hairstyles look unkempt, which was why not many people are fond of it. But some singers do wear it uniquely and manages to look neat and handsome like what Michael Bolton had in one of his singles.

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