Friday, 16 March 2012

Location of The Tattoo Characteristics

Get a tattoo today is an act to express something, or create a memory of someone. Tamara Geraldine, for example, create a tattoo of his son on his back. While Victoria Beckham has a tattoo of Hebrew script in the area behind his neck that reads, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine." Obviously, this is a form of statement of ownership of the husband.

However, choosing a specific area on the body, is already a certain statement, according to Clement Clay, owner of Studio City Tattoo. He revealed the meaning of the selection of the most popular tattoos in the area that is often seen in some Hollywood celebrities.

Angelina Jolie is the back area of ​​the most famous female celebrities with tattoos. One of the most striking tattoo located on his back. The back is a sexy choice, especially for the show you should wear clothes that open in the back. Upper back tattoo on Angelina is writing a protection prayer written in Sanskrit language of Cambodia, the home of his eldest son. Meanwhile, Megan Fox tattoo is a piece of a sentence from the story of King Lear, one of Shakespeare's plays. It reads, "We will all laugh at Gilded butterflies."

Tattoos on the neck area of ​​the neck felt young and cool. Figures like Rihanna can give an accurate picture for a tattoo like that. "Picture a star on the neck behind it is very eclectic, and he seems inclined to follow the thinking process itself," said Clement. Tattoos are a tiny sprinkling of stars, with a unique pattern, could be a trend in the 2000s. If you want to express your cheerful nature, the star image is a good choice for you.

Arm area "under its arm is selfish," said Clement. So put the tattoo on this part is very important meaning for their owners, especially the tattoo will stay there forever. However, although easy to see, a tattoo on the forearm on the inside is not quite so aggressive compared to a tattoo that is placed on the outer sleeve. The arm is also a popular area for placing the tattoo, and any image suitable to be placed on it. Forearm tattoo on Heidi Klum, for instance, is written the name of the husband, "Seal".

Area legs "Legs are another area of ​​ego," said Clement. If this tattoo is on the right side of the body of its owner (the image is tattooed Drew Barrymore), which is the masculine side, it is a declaration of power themselves. Images of the cross, which is a faith statement, indicated that he wanted to have more control over their emotions and way of life. Those who want to be powerful, put your feet on the lower legs is also a good choice, no matter what your spiritual beliefs and statements.

Cat paw tattoo chest area on the chest rapper Eve showed an aggressive and bold personality. Because the tattoo on his chest, tattoo it will accentuate your face, and by itself is a clear statement of ego.

"Women have a strong physical Presence in the area," said Clement. Put a tattoo there is also a sexy way to show the curve on the body. So, be prepared if everyone staring at your chest when you choose a tattoo in the area.

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