Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Characteristics of Healthy Hair

Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally pull out your hair? Is there something at the root of white? Hm do not think this is a sign of healthy hair follicles. Therefore, the whites are fat. The more fat, it means getting your hair greasy. Oily hair is certainly not going to look beautiful and healthy. Oil buildup on the scalp, when mixed with dirt or dust, will result in the emergence of dandruff.

So what are the characteristics of healthy hair? 
A healthy scalp. Naturally healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. In addition to dust and other impurities, there is one thing that could be a marker that your hair grow healthy. "A healthy scalp pores, each containing three hair shaft. If only there was a hair shaft, there must be trouble," said Jimmy Martin, General Manager International Sales Akasha Wira, when launching the Complete Vorsatz Hairloss Treatment System in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (2/16/2012) ago. The growth of the three strands of hair in a single pore will certainly make the hair look thick. In contrast, only covered a single pore of the hair shaft, will make the hair look thinner. Imagine if you experience hair loss, there will be plenty of empty spots in the pores and scalp. If not treated, over time you will balding head in some places.
Soft texture. According to the Mayo Clinic, other characteristics of healthy hair is that it can move easily because the texture is soft. Dye your hair with chemicals, hair care and styling daily will slough off the edge of the cuticle of the hair shaft.
Starred. Hair luster due to the outermost layer of the hair shaft to reflect light. Damage to the hair cuticle causes the hair to swell and impede the luster. The remnants of hair care products on the scalp and prevents hair also sparkle. Because of this, rinse hair after shampooing thoroughly.
Loss of light. No one, ya? Apparently not. Normally, people will lose 50-100 hairs a day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Mild loss will not be seen because the average person has about 100,000 hairs. When hair loss occurs more than 100 strands a day, it is likely the cause is stress or other factors.
Elastic. Not only the skin is elastic, but also the hair. That is, the hair is not easily broken just because it interested or affected by a comb. Brittle hair is certainly not elastic anymore. According to Hair in Men's Health Spotlight Magazine, among others, this is caused by poor diet, vitamin deficiencies such as iron, biotin, and protein.
No tangled when wet. The hair is very dry, the cuticle is damaged, it would be difficult to comb while wet. This is due to the edge of the hair shaft cuticle peeling off and causing friction, thus presented the American Chemical Society. To fix this, you can use a conditioner, which is designed to coat the hair shaft and soften the cuticle, making hair combed so easy.
Reacting to the humidity. The water content in the air to make straight hair that tends to be "dropped". Whereas unhealthy hair will swell when exposed to air humidity. Become more curly hair, coarse and dull.

The hair cycle
How long is the age of healthy hair, until it was time to fall out naturally?

On a healthy scalp, a hair can last between 3-5 years to grow. While on the scalp pores, the regeneration of hair growth will occur on average up to 20 times. Then the hair will grow and increase the length of approximately 12 mm within a month. If allowed to continue to elongate, hair length will reach 107 cm, only then fall out and new growth at the same pore.

Dermatologist, Dr. Farmanina Santoso, in the event adding Vorsatz, hair also has its own life cycle. This cycle is divided into three phases, namely anagen growth phase or in need of 3-5 years. The next phase of katagen for 3-4 weeks, where the growth of the hair cells are slowly beginning to slow and eventually stop. Then the telogen phase, which lasts for 3-4 months. In this phase the hair has grown and continues to elongate until it fell out. After passing through this third phase, the hair started growing back phase of the first stage earlier.

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