Monday, 13 February 2012

Punk Hairstyle Men

Oh my God! Seriously, get a fucking life. It's 2009 and we are still arguing over whether punk is dead or not? The movement of punk ended a long time ago. Whether it is a way of dress, a genre of music, or a lifestyle. How many people can claim they are real punks? I know of one, maybe two. That includes Billy Idol. The musical movement died long ago, and because of that musical movement you had a way of dress and a new lifestyle. It's the same with emo, indie, hardcore, country, rap. It's all pretty much based on the music. Don't think punk is dead? Name one true punk band that hasn't sold out for money. That's right. You can't. Because any band that claims they are "punk" is probably some high time, million dollar making, sold-out, washed up, let's have mohawks and wear spikes, shit fest. Plain and simple.

Punk died. Get over it. Time to grow up. Time to realize that it's not about how you label yourself. That makes you a wannabe just like the rest of them. Accept yourself for who you are. Don't put a tag on yourself "oh, I'm punk". Really? I doubt it. Why are you punk? Because you're "rebelious", you have a mohawk? You wear alot of black? You wear things that have spikes, and alot of leather? That doesn't make you punk. That makes you a person with bad fashion taste.

And all of this crap about "punk is a form of expressing yourself. It's expression and rebellion." Yeah, so is cutting yourself. So is dying your hair green. So is getting a tattoo. So is getting a piercing. Painting is a form of expressing yourself. Is that punk? Writing is a form of expressing yourself. Is that punk? I cut off 14 inches of hair from my head, died it dark brown and platinum blonde, got six tattoos and a monroe piercing. That's expressing myself. Am I punk? No. I don't claim to be punk. I don't claim to be anything.

Grow the fuck up. Really.

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  1. How 'bout you shut the fuck up. You want people to sing for free or what ? Does Justin Biever sing for free ? I don't think so. Sayin' "punk's dead " is like saying " Yea well i have this beer can but it's kinda dead u know ... ".

    You should grow up and have a piece of SHUT THE FUCK UP.