Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Overcome Hair Loss Treatment

Hair is the crown of a woman. No wonder, hair loss can be a serious problem for women who need to be addressed immediately. If you experience hair loss up to 120 strands per day, this is an early sign of baldness. Baldness is now not only those who are elderly, but also struck the young. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and dietary factors could be the trigger. Well, for those who are experiencing hair loss problems, hair care products issued Makarizo named Vorsatz Complete Hairloss Treatment System. This product consists of three products, namely the Intensive Care Shampoo, Triple Action Activator, and Triple Action Lotion (conditioner). Any content from this series of products using natural ingredients to help solve the problem of hair loss. Such as hydrolyzed collagen that provides nutrition, strengthen, and maintain the hair moisture. Other materials are sebaryl, which controls the levels of oil on the scalp so as to prevent the accumulation of oil which, when mixed with dirt to form dandruff.

The combination of natural plant materials, biotechnology, and serves to stimulate the synthesis of hair growth and increase strength. The latter is ginseng, which provides nutrients to the outer layer of the scalp allowing hair to be more clean and soft, and help accelerate the growth of healthy hair. Vorsatz care is the key to penetration of nutrients directly into the hair roots. The first step is cleaning the sebum, dust, and residues that block the pores (with shampoo). Then open poripori scalp and scalp keeping it clean (with activator). Finally, direct to nourish the hair roots (with lotion). With this integrated method, Vorsatz Complete Hairloss Treatment System claims to be able to grow new hair (baby hair) within two weeks to a month. With records, you must discipline yourself to apply these products on a regular basis. Vorsatz can be used by men and women for any type of hair and keep it safe to use despite the hair loss problem has been resolved.


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