Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Hairstyle Jose Mourinho

Europe was in the winter conditions are quite severe. Cold still life gripping Madrid, the capital city and largest city in central Spain which has a Mediterranean climate with the possibility of sporadic snowfall and minimum temperatures below freezing. However, Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, apparently did not care. He has a distinctive style when his team entertain Levante at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday (2/12/2012). From Real Madrid's official Facebook account, photos Mou has shown a new look since last Thursday (09/02/2012). The first photo shows the Mou wearing a heavy jacket and black beanie Adidas branded on the ground the Bernabeu. "This is a photo taken by coach on the morning practice session. In the next hour, we'll show you new surprises without covering her head," written on the account. An hour later, without skullcaps Mou photo was shown. Longish hair model for this typical Mourinho did not appear again. "It's Mourinho and her new look Like?" Thus the sound of his statement.

Similar Pep 
Mou appeared with a new haircut that are thinner and tend to be rather barren. Caughtoffside site with a little teasing Mou mention haircuts haircut like Pep Guardiola, coach of fierce rivals Real Madrid, Barcelona. "When the Europeans to overcome the severe winter, is this the right time to shave the hair? Jose Mourinho seems to think so, and he seemed pleased with the results. Is he trying to imitate the style of Pep Guardiola, whether the Bernabeu bosses believe the haircut was very influential to secure title in La Liga? " write news and rumor sites this football.

More handsome and a trend 
Football gossip site, Captainwag, said Mou looks more sexy with a new haircut. Moreover, the widely circulated photo showed a smiling face Mou, far from being a serious Mourinho and indifferent so far. "Jose Mourinho back sexy with her new haircut. Captainwag happy to see Mou with a smile on his face! Been a while since last saw excited about. Hopefully he will stay with his team, Real Madrid, for the next season, and hopefully he can won the League Championship with a star player, "says the site. The fans are too busy responding to new hairdo Mou, as reported by a leading Spanish newspaper, Marca. Angie Salamanca, for example, including a new haircut praised Mourinho. "He was always able to create a model and a trend. He's awesome. How to evaluate a new haircut Mourinho? I also want hair like that, maybe tomorrow I will shave the hair!?" Meanwhile, other fans, Juan Borja, did not seem like a hair model Mou. Whatever the comments, it looks like this haircut also brings a bit of luck for "Los Blancos". In front of the public itself, they managed to beat Valencia club with a score of 4-2. Attackers flagship, Cristiano Ronaldo, presents a hat trick in this match and scored his 4000 Madrid. The coach nicknamed "The Special One" also seemed very happy with goals scored by Ronaldo. CR7, called for Ronaldo, and even had time to celebrate the goal is printed by running toward the Portuguese coach and hugged him. Mou was not beamed abysmal. He also sent a compliment to the Portuguese players, especially for the third goal called CR7 fantastic.

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