Monday, 13 February 2012

Bruce Lee Wallpaper Hairstyle

Bruce Lee is a tale in martial art, but his hairstyle is easy. A easy applied dish haircuts helped him to act & fight gently. His haircut stresses the athleticism of Oriental sports athletes.

Bruce Jun Fan Lee was a martial arts actor of China (HK), living in the United States of America. Bruce Lee was born in America, but childhood through adolescence living in HK (Hong Kong). Since childhood, Bruce had a lot of acting in HK cinema. Since his teenage years moved to America and married there. Bruce Lee is a master of martial arts. 5 and a half feet in height weighing 135 pounds. Creating a martial arts JKD (Jeet Kune Do) is obtained from the research is based on Newtonian physics and engineering as well as the principles of European sport fencing and Western boxing, martial arts this principle is to resist the attack of a fist or foot. "Gave me the opportunity to arrest your attacks," said Bruce Lee. Movement is very rapid, so that in his films of the editors had to slow film that all audiences can see the movements of Bruce Lee.

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