Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Most Populer Celebrity Hairstyles

Can not be denied that the Rachel haircut in the series 'Friends' the most popular of all time. Goody poll said more than 11 million women have a shaggy layered haircuts since the series, starring Jennifer Aniston was exploded in 1996. In addition to pieces 'Rachel', there are some of the most loved hair styles of celebrity-oriented world. Lemondrop page presents five actresses hairstyles of the most widely imitated women.

Curly Hairstyle Gisele Bundchen
Long wavy hair with a full volume impression section showing a well-liked woman. "This haircut can be seen on the Kardashian sisters and Gisele Bundchen," said salon owner and stylist Lisa Chiccine. Every day there are women who ask this long layer haircuts. To get it, let your hair grow very long and give the layer a little or not at all. Hairdo with a more oblique angle around the face.

Layer Hairstyle Victoria Beckham
The piece that displays the final form that impressed uneven bob and thick chic impression for owners. Style is a bit 'sloppy' is also what distinguishes Beckham bob style with a conventional bob cut. Emmets Studio salon owners and hairdressers Naieem Abdool said demand for haircuts twice a week. even, not infrequently the women who membawaserta Posh images with this hair style. The attraction bob layer, according to Abdool, the women can play with the texture of their hair, especially in areas with high humidity during summer. To get it, get haircuts bob with uneven layers. If it will color your hair, use a soft monochromatic colors over a base color in rich colors.

Long Curly Miley Cyrus
Most women in Pennsilvania idolize Miley Cyrus eambut piece while attending the Grammy awards. Nathan Rosenkranz hairdresser told me, at least three times a week he gives the appearance of hair a la Cyrus. The most interesting part of this hairstyle is the beauty and sex appeal. Most women want the texture and dimension to the hair. This hair style and is perfect for a wedding or a romantic dinner. To obtain it, ask your hairdresser to make vertical curls that will last all night.

Long Hair Cuts Gwyneth Paltrow
Request haircut Paltrow dressed ranks first in the summer of 2010. Jet Rhys salon owners revealed at least three times a week the women of their faces made a similar request Paltrow's hair. The appeal of a bob with long hair below the shoulders to make people feel like flying but still look thick. Long hair with fresh pieces fit when a bun when sunbathing or decomposed during the night.

Long Haircut Kim Kardashian
Salon owner Solution for Hair and Make Up in Houston, Mark Horn stated seidkitnya ten people a week asking her hair dressed like Kim Kardashian. The main attraction of this hairstyle is pretty, feminine and shiny. Hair will be cut long with various layers with a wavy texture.

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