Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hairstyles For Round Faces Women

Cameron Diaz haircuts for round faces
Layer haircut is an emerging style of hair lately. The teens to mature women often use this haircut, once popularized in the early 2000s in various fashion magazines. Celebrities who have a face like this is Kate Bosworth, Cameron Diaz, and Catherine Zeta Jones. Actually, other than follow the trend, the women also use a layer haircut to cover their cheeks, which makes the face look round. Women should not cut straight and long hair that could get haircuts layers, curly, wavy-haired woman with a semi-long piece was able to get this hairstyle. In addition to the round face, women with oval faces, hearts, squares, and triangles can be a proper use of this trend.
Cameron Diaz hairstyle for round faces
How to Get it

To get a haircut layer, the women must be addressed by the reliable hairdresser. This is because the layer haircut requires its own technique, where the hair is not cut with special scissors to cut hair like a usual process, but the hair is scraped piece by piece to produce a stack model or multilevel. This multilevel model leaving the back longer than the front. For curly, wavy-haired, this level does not will be clearly visible. But still provide the same effect with straight hair. Neat way in front, covering the ears and fell to fit into the bottom of the chin. This is a style that makes haircuts layer counts slimming effect.

Cameron Diaz hairstyles for round faces
Other Benefits

Apparently, other women who do not have to use a haircut round face layer with a variety of reasons other than a trend. Women with hair loss problems, usually finding a solution to the problem with a layer haircut. By scraping the parts of hair, making the roots are not too heavy burden and no longer posed any loss. In addition, for having hair too thick so it looks fluffy, hair style is highly recommended, because the chirping of hair per section to create a level will automatically attenuate the hair. For women who want to get these effects, it is advisable to replace the hair style haircut layer.

Catherine Zeta Jones haircuts for round faces
Catherine Zeta Jones hairstyle for round faces
Catherine Zeta Jones hairstyles for round faces
Kate Bosworth haircuts for round faces
Kate Bosworth hairstyle for round faces
Kate Bosworth hairstyles for round faces

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