Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Haida Tattoos

The name "Haida" is derived from the word "Hidery" means "people." The Haida tribe is considered one of the oldest traceable number of residents in the New World. The Haida people are native to western North America. Politics Haida people of Canada and a First Nation person. Ancestral language Haida language, which is now in danger. Haidas is often referred to as frightening warriors.

Most Haida items are decorated with crests - the number of animals, birds, sea creature, and mythic beings - they soon find moiety (raven or Eagle), and often all children of the owner. Haida almost seventy number Crest, all points are in general use. The Haida culture believes that a great spirit, "Ne-kilst spurge" created world. This spirit takes the form of crows. The crow was responsible for creating the world. Even the most impressively expressed in large great totem Poles, it is a very disciplined design applied to different types of topics, including the human body by tattooing.

Haida society is divided into two groups, one called Raven and other Eagle. There are various subcategories that fall into either the 'moieties. Moieties and the subcategory of Clans, or tribal lines Matran age, their combination crests and other intellectual property such as songs and names often described haidan tattoo. Tattoos are placed in the thigh, chest, shoulders, forearms, backs of hands and even all the fingers.

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